Friday, August 05, 2011

Allergy Test Results

Very excited to get these results! If you are closely related to me, then these results might give you an idea of what you *might* also be allergic to.

Here's a list of my top allergies:

- Birch
- Live Oak
- Bahia grass
- Bermuda grass
- Johnson grass
- Timothy grass
- Sage
- Dust mites
- Cats
- Mold (alternaria alternata)

Surprisingly, I'm not allergic to Cedar and am thus immune to Cedar Fever which affects a lot of Texans.

The allergy test was a lot less uncomfortable than it may look! It's true that my back was very itchy during the 15 minutes I had to wait for allergens to react with my skin, but then they came and gave me liquid Zyrtec, and washed my back off with alcohol, and put on anti-itch cream. Then I was pretty much back to normal except my back felt warmer than usual, but not uncomfortable at all. Basically, if you can sit for 15 minutes with an itchy back, you can do an allergy test like this.

I'm looking forward to starting allergen immunotherapy shots next week. Fortunately, the allergy clinic is literally across the street from our apartments, so I will be able to just walk over if I need to for my shots.

Yay modern medicine!


Traci said...

oh my goodness! This looks so uncomfortable! I was thinking of finding out what I am allergic to, but didn't know if it would be worth the money and I didn't want them shooting what I am allergic to into my body! Wow, I bet it is nice to know! Hope all the allergy junk gets taken care of and you can be a new allergy free man in no time!!!

Matt said...

Thanks Traci! Yeah, I'm super glad to know! Hopefully the shots do what I'm hoping for!

Ryan and Lisa Applonie said...

Thats not a picture of your back right??

Sparkle Mama said...

That is so crazy yo! Glad you know now and can look forward to having it more managed by shots. Way to be!

Crystalyn said...

Lisa- This picture is of Matt's back, not mine ;) but his back did have some nasty welts on it for a few hours, luckily it looks totally normal now. :)

Nathan Wilde said...

I got tested yesterday! I feel like a pincushion... they had to do 85 needles on my back, and I was allergic to 70 of them. It looked like my spine was sticking out, there were so many bumps! Then they gave me 15 shots in my arm, to all of which I reacted... Allergies are awful! I should have taken a picture...